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Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc.

Spectrum Sensors and Controls is a manufacturer of precision, co-molded conductive plastic potentiometers, position sensors and transducers. Types of precision position sensors and transducers include rotary, linear, motorized, fader/angular arm, and hollow shaft potentiometers. Types of advanced thermal sensors and products include standard probes and assemblies, PTC and NTC thermistors, and RTD sensors and assemblies.

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  • in Air Temperature Sensors

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc. offers snap-in air temperature sensors. These sensors feature a sturdy construction, excellent thermal responses, easy snap-in installation, multiple thermistor values/curves, and 10ft AWG#22 PVC insulated leads.

  • in NTC Thermistors

    NTC thermistors produced by Spectrum Sensors & Controls include standard disc, glass encapsulated, surge current limiter, coated chip, and radial lead glass encapsulated styles. The standard thermistors are available as coated or uncoated types, while glass encapsulated thermistors feature high temperature operation up to 300C. The coated chip models feature -50C to 150C operation and fast response time. Radial lead thermistors are used in high humidity and rapid thermal cycling environments.

  • in PTC Thermistors

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc. offers a variety of PTC thermistors, including: SMD PTC for overload protection, single sided heaters, self-regulating heaters, PTC surface heaters, and PTC high powered heaters. PTC thermistors have the following features: efficient energy transfer, no moving parts, a virtually unlimited life, voltage ratings up to 300V, rugged construction, rated power up to 1500W, etc. PTC thermistors have the following applications: vehicle heaters, telecommunications equipment, CCTV cameras, refrigeration drip trays, parallels, power supply overload protection, etc. Spectrum also offers motor protection sensors and over-current protectors.


  • in Surface Temperature Sensors

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc. offers RT24 surface temperature sensors. These sensors have operating temperature ranges from -40 to 150°C, 2000 Volt isolations, #6 stud hole sizes, and excellent thermal tracking capabilities.

  • in Thermistors

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls Inc. manufactures PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors. The company's PTC thermistor types include: self-regulating heaters, over-current protectors, single-sided heaters, SMD PTC for overload protection, motor protection sensor, PTC high-power heater, and PTC surface heater. The NTC thermistor types include: glass encapsulated style, radial leaded glass encapsulated, standard disc style, coated chip style, and surge current limiter.

  • in Water Temperature Sensors

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc. "Aquasense" water temperature sensors for pool/spa applications. These sensors have the following features: operating temperature ranges from -20 to +100°C, molded shells, excellent thermal tracking, fast response time, and an easy mounting design.